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To Be A Christian is an Anglican Catechism written by the Catechesis Task Force of the Anglican Church in North America and published by Anglican House Publishers in 2013. The new catechism has received enthusiastic reviews and wide adoption. This wiki was begun in late 2014 to provide resources for people using the catechism for private study and those teaching it to others. By nature a wiki is a communal project. It is our hope that some users will be contributors adding teaching tips, historical notes, biblical exegesis, etc.

We have three methods of navigation:

  • You can easily navigate from any question to the next question by clicking on the next question link. Here is a link to the First Question
  • You can look up any question through the search bar in the upper right part of your screen. All the questions include numbers. (e.g., Q4 = Question 4)
  • There is also a navigation menu on the left side of the screen.


Letter of Commendation

Part 1: Beginning with Christ

Part 2: Believing in Christ

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Getting started

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