Article 1: Faith in God Q19-48

From To Be A Christian, An Anglican Catechism
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What is a creed? (Q19)

What is the purpose of the Creeds? (Q20)

What does belief in the Creeds signify? (Q21)

Which Creeds does the Church acknowledge? (Q22)

Why do you acknowledge these Creeds? (Q23)

Why should you know these Creeds? (Q24)

What is the Apostles’ Creed? (Q25)

What is Holy Scripture? (Q26)

What books are contained in Holy Scripture? (Q27)

What is in the Old Testament? (Q28)

What is in the New Testament? (Q29)

How are the Old and New Testaments related to each other? (Q30)

What does it mean that Holy Scripture is inspired? (Q31)

What does it mean that the Bible is the Word of God? (Q32)

Why is Jesus Christ called the Word of God? (Q33)

How should Holy Scripture be interpreted? (Q34)

How should belief in the God of the Bible affect your life? (Q35)

How should you use the Holy Scriptures in daily life? (Q36)

What other books does the Church acknowledge? (Q37)

Who is God? (Q38)

According to Holy Scripture, what is the nature and character of God? (Q39)

Who is God the Father? (Q40)

Why do you call the first of the three divine Persons “Father?” (Q41)

What do you mean when you call God “Father?” (Q42)

Why do you say that God the Father is “Almighty?” (Q43)

Why do you call God the Father “Creator?” (Q44)

How does recognizing God as Creator affect your understanding of his creation? (Q45)

What does it mean that God made both heaven and earth? (Q46)

If God made the world good, why do I sin? (Q47)

How does sin affect you? (Q48)